WordPress for some unfathomable reason still (v4.8.2) doesn’t include the extremely useful (and forever requested!) gallery custom link function.

The 3rd party solution to that arrived some time ago in the form of the WP Custom Gallery Link plugin. That worked flawlessly for ages but come WP version 4.8 it broke, leaving users (myself included) in the lurch with gallery images now not linking to anything other than the standard lightbox or attachment page. I wasn’t happy and neither were my clients so I searched for alternatives.

All I could find were coding solutions beyond my and most non coders’ knowledge and even they didn’t work across all themes. No other plugins could be found and requests for a fix produced no results. I ignored the situation for a long time in the hope that somebody would emerge and put us all out of our collective misery but I’m still waiting!

It suddenly dawned on me that there was indeed a work around, admittedly crude and not addressing the basic issue but at least it gives a means of creating custom WP gallery image links.

Use the caption! Simply add an html link tag to the caption and there you go … a means of linking:

<a href=”http://thedomainpageyouwant.com” target=”_blank”>Caption wording</a>