Support should be a crucial deciding factor when choosing your web designer and your hosting.

Most of the time your website will coast along without incident for weeks, months, hopefully years. BUT what happens when the day arrives that something goes horribly wrong?

  • Can you fix the problem yourself?
  • Do you have the skills and knowledge to tackle all and any problem?
  • Do you have the time to deal with website issues?
  • Can you afford for your business to be offline?
  • Can you do without email systems if your site goes down?
  • Will you lose business with a dead site?
  • Will you lose credibility with a website that is unavailable?

Chances are your answers are a mix of yes and no. If you have the expertise and the time to deal with web issues then that is great but you are a rarity.
Most people do NOT have the necessary skills, the time or the inclination to delve into complex technical website issues and why should they?

These days very few people open the bonnet of their car when they go wrong. Modern engines are too complex and beyond the scope of the average motorist to fix. The same applies to web and server technologies. They too are highly technical and it is all too easy to make a dreadful mistake making matters far worse. No, we mostly call up a mechanic, a plumber, a locksmith, etc. When we need expert help.

When things go wrong you need fast, reliable and highly skilled support to hand 24 hours a day. Websites have a habit of going “clunk” at very inconvenient times!

Web Hosting Support at artworks unlimited

Artworks unlimited provides personal support to all hosted clients free of charge. You can call any time in an emergency and we will deal with whatever your problem is. If the issue is beyond our capabilities then we turn to our technical support team at United Hosting for a response within minutes. That support team is on hand 24 hours every day of the year and they are superb; solving any and all issues with cool and reassurance. That’s their job.

Business owners can’t afford to wait days for answers and a solutions. We’ve all been on the frustrating merry-go-round of Call Centres, Help (ha!”) Desks, FAQ’s and so on and we all know what a hair tearing experience that can be. What we need is a REAL person on the end of the line with the expertise to sort out problems quickly. That’s what you get at artworks unlimited hosting, all included in the annual fee starting at £60. Don’t accept second rate support, it will bite you when you need help most.

You can get hosting cheaper but remember you always get exactly what you pay for.

Need more details about support? Call Paul on 07788 931 511

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