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We don’t advertise because we don’t need to! The vast majority of our work comes from return clients and their referrals. That is the very best advert you can hope for, because it comes from actual experience and genuine enthusiasm for what we do and how we do it. Advertising is very expensive and businesses always pass that on to you the client so if we can do without it, you end up paying far less than you would using the typical High Street agency. We never brag about or try to “pitch” work. We’d rather let it speak for itself, let our clients speak for us and leave you to choose for yourself.

WordPress now powers over 27% of the world’s websites and we use it because:

  • It is infinitely flexible, creating anything from a family blog to The Wall Street Journal!
  • It is always current technology with updated versions released regularly.
  • It is secure with a vast range of plugins to combat spam and hacking.
  • It is SEO friendly out of the box
  • It builds responsive websites by default.
  • It is the easiest Content Management System (CMS) to learn and use even for beginners.
  • It is universally known and so can be transferred to any WordPress developer – designer.
  • It is intuitive and encourages users to keep up with trends and technical developments.
  • It can be transformed within minutes by using a wide range of free and premium themes.
  • We LOVE IT!

No, you can leave us at any time you choose. That’s not what we want of course but if you do decide to go elsewhere then you will have everything you need to pass on your site to another company.
The only thing you may lose is any remaining hosting period as we don’t give refunds.

We also retain the right to move away from you! It’s rare but there have been a few “clients from hell” that we could not or would not work with. This is a two way relationship that relies upon mutual trust and respect and sometimes there comes the point where it’s best for both parties to walk away. Glad to say we are blessed with a very loyal and portfolio of lovely clients.

We will create your website pages to be SEO friendly making sure all the on-page elements are in place to help search engines (Google, Bing etc) find and index your site.

Off-page SEO is a separate entity all together and very much a minefield of promises and impossible guarantees (We will get you on the top ten listings etc!). BUYER BEWARE … this sector is plagued by cowboys who will take your money, promise the earth and deliver little if anything. NOBODY knows what Google will do and nobody can guarantee you anything. If that were possible then surely they would be happy to be paid on results? Try asking that and watch them disappear in the dust.

Yes we are cynical because we have seen clients stung mercilessly. SEO is a highly skilled, full time job of promotion and adaptation so expect to pay for that service just as you would for any other genuinely professional service.

Yes and that’s something we’d definitely encourage you to do. If you understand how your site works you will more independent and be better able to see what is possible.
Initial tuition of 1 hour is free if you come to us and of course you can get free help afterwards by phone or email.
If you would like more in-depth tuition for yourself or your staff we can do that too by arrangement to suit you. WordPress is not difficult to learn; if you can edit a Word document you are half way there.

Yes and we typically use a tried a tested software; WooCommerce for easy, safe and secure selling online. You don’t need a merchant account, just use PayPal or one of the other established payment gateways available.

Yes of course, as your business grows or changes your website should reflect that and, because we offer flexible hosting packages you can add on more resources whenever you need them.

Designers do go out of business and we’ve picked up many clients who have been left in the lurch when that has happened. With artworks unlimited you will have a full backup of your website including all assets so, if we cease trading or you decide to move elsewhere you have everything you need to carry on. Furthermore we have a Guaranteed Continuity of Service Agreement with our hosting providers whereby, if we go out of business they will deal with you directly as a client. No down time, no panic!

Absolutely yes; you hold full ownership and copyright of your website. You paid for it and we believe that means it’s yours to keep and do with it whatever you like.

Creativity, experience, fairness, honesty, reliability and support. All these count for a great deal in long term relationships and that client relationship is exactly what we look for.
Yes you can get cheaper web design but those are usually templates with limited capabailities (Wix, 1&1 etc). If you want true flexibility and unique design the you need a bespoke design service.

Perhaps the most crucial consideration when choosing a company to work with is the quality of their after sales support. When things go wrong you need help, not in a day or two but NOW and
you want to be speaking to a human NOT a recorded switchboard option or a call centre operator working to a script! You need a friendly voice and genuine help quickly and we give you exactly that. No extra charge, no limits, FREE, any time help … it’s all part of the deal.
Our clients will up all we say in their reviews and you can’t get better validation than that.

The only upfront payment we ask for is £60 as a deposit and this also counts as your first 12 months hosting if you decide to take that option. The final balance will be due when your site is finished, tested and passed to your complete satisfaction. If you prefer to split the costs along the way that is perfectly fine too.

The best payment method for us is BACS but we are happy to accept cleared cheques, drafts, PayPal (+4%) and of course… cash. All projects are invoiced.

Hosting can be paid for by a simple Direct Debit to avoid missing annual renewal dates.

Most of our work is done by telephone, email, Dropbox or skype but if you prefer to work face to face that can usually be arranged. When we create websites we give you access to the work in progress online so that we can easily discuss changes together.

It’s the proverbial piece of string, like “how much does a car cost, how much does a new bathroom cost?” and so on. It all comes down to what you want, what you already have, the features you need and finally… how long it will take to produce the site for you.

We don’t use fixed templates but create custom designs with you to match the exact style, colours and facilities you need. So every site is different, ranging from a single scrolling page to a full e-commerce store. Once we know exactly what you want we can then give you an accurate figure. Don’t panic – it’s probably a lot more affordable than you think.

There are certain fixed costs:

Domain names
Domain names cost typically £7 a year for a co.uk. We alway recommend using www.123-reg.co.uk to search for and register your domain name. They are priced fairly but, far more importantly, they give full and free access to all back end settings … no crafty extra charges, useless “Help” Desks or frustrating Call Centres anywhere to be seen!

Web hosting can be bought from $1 a week BUT be warned -you always get what you pay for! Cheap and cheerful is fine for personal or amateur sites but any serious business requires professional hosting with crucial 24/7 support, secure and reliable platforms and backups in case of site crashes or hacks.

We provide fully managed VPS Cloud hosting through United Hosting from £5 per month see details here >

Our hourly rate is currently £17 (2016) . We are extremely fast and efficient so a great deal can be done in an hour. All work is software timed to the second so there are no “guesstimates” or vague timings; if we finish ahead of time your invoice is lower.
We give you a maximum ceiling quote for any work. If it takes longer than we expected then we learn to estimate more accurately next time!

We can work by the hour with pay-as-you-go or we can give you a maximum quote for a project, whichever suits you best.

We are available all days and all hours including evenings and weekends. We never mind a call out of standard office hours as this helps to schedule your work alongside others. There are always lulls in any project so we run several concurrently to avoid any wasted waiting time. We can usually start on your project within a day.

Of course we are going to say YES! But check our reviews and read what our clients say about their experiences.

I personally (Paul Shotan) have been senior graphic studio artist, Head of Art and I.T. at high school level and, since 2001 running www.artworks-unlimited.co.uk as a proprietor website and graphic designer. I have a degree in Fine Art and a post graduate degree in Art Education. So, add on decades of practical design experience and that is my qualification. But actions speak louder than words (or certificates) so see for yourself throughout our website.

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