The rumblings can be heard, get https or be penalised! If that’s true then the majority of the net community is going to suffer at the hands of Google and co unless we do something about upgrading the standard http site to https.

Secure https browsing for your website

Visitors to your website need to feel safe so it’s vital to secure the data you store and transmit. A universally recognised SSL certificate from Comodo is essential when transmitting important confidential information such as credit card data, and is a requirement for PCI compliance.

SSL goes beyond encryption to provide your visitors with confidence in your brand.

Visual elements include a padlock in the visitor’s browser and a “Trust Logo” graphic to display on your pages boosting confidence in your website. User Trust relates directly to improved sales conversions.
The trouble is, wouldn’t you guess it? an SSL Certificate costs about £50 per annum for each domain you run and,if you have several, that adds up to a hefty increase in outgoings which, for hosting providers will have to be passed onto the client.
BUT there are free https options available. Watch the video from Tech Republic and check if your website host is one of the growing number of providers offering the upgrade by default?

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