1 – Choose your domain name

If you sell blue boxes in Leeds, probably the best domain name you could choose would be . . . . leedsblueboxes.
That tells people what you do and where you do it, narrowing down the competition offering similar products. As they say on TV, “It does what it says on the can!”

.COM or .CO.UK ?
It doesn’t matter, a is roughly half the price of a .com so, unless there is a good reason. we suggest you opt for a

2 – Register your domain name

Check if your domain name is available

If the name you want is not available, try variations, insert hyphens or consider other suffixes (net, biz, org etc)

3 – Prepare your site content

  • List the features you want (galleries, slideshows, forms, videos, audio etc)
  • List the page names you need (home, contact etc)
  • Agree your style and colours and show us some example websites that you like.
  • Write the text and gather all your images for your site
  • We will give you a maximum, all inclusive, ceiling quote to consider.

4 – Send your deposit

When you are ready to proceed with your website creation we ask for a deposit of £72 by BACS or £6 per month Direct Debit to set up your website account, email systems and administration and to start work on your website. This payment will also count as your first 12 months hosting fee at artworks unlimited, Birmingham.

5 – We create a mock-up

  • We create an online mockup based on all the information you provide.
  • The design is discussed with you and altered as necessary
  • You check the final content and approve the design ready for production

6 – We build your website

We get to work and produce your website for you.

It is fully tested and demonstrated.

When you are 100% satisfied with your website, you send the final balance and we launch your site.

Create a custom website quickly and affordably.
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