It’s the proverbial piece of string, like “how much does a car cost, how much does a new bathroom cost?” and so on. It all comes down to what you want, what you already have, the features you need and finally… how long it will take to produce the site for you.

We don’t use fixed templates but create custom designs with you to match the exact style, colours and facilities you need. So every site is different, ranging from a single scrolling page to a full e-commerce store. Once we know exactly what you want we can then give you an accurate figure. Don’t panic – it’s probably a lot more affordable than you think.

There are certain fixed costs:

Domain names
Domain names cost typically £7 a year for a We alway recommend using to search for and register your domain name. They are priced fairly but, far more importantly, they give full and free access to all back end settings … no crafty extra charges, useless “Help” Desks or frustrating Call Centres anywhere to be seen!

Web hosting can be bought from $1 a week BUT be warned -you always get what you pay for! Cheap and cheerful is fine for personal or amateur sites but any serious business requires professional hosting with crucial 24/7 support, secure and reliable platforms and backups in case of site crashes or hacks.

We provide fully managed VPS Cloud hosting through United Hosting from £5 per month see details here >