Your WordPress site isn’t really safe unless you have a solid backup plan.

As part of your hosting here at artworks unlimited every client receives a FREE installation of the Premium plugin BackupBuddy

Given that hosting with artworks unlimited starts at £60 per annum and BackupBuddy costs £80 per annum you can see that you are getting an unbeatable deal. And it isn’t as if backing up is a flippant matter of personal choice, an optional extra. Without a solid and reliable backup system you are dicing with disaster.

Every website is a target for hackers 365 days a year and sooner or later, most websites will experience the nightmare of an attack or worse still a successful hack. Without a backup to restore your site you may be facing the total loss of your website and that could mean thousands of hours work and equally thousands of pounds of investment down the drain.

Backing up a website is not an option it’s a must-have and BackupBuddy, provided free at artworks is one of the best systems available.

Need help with backing up your website? Call Paul on 07788 931 511