Birmingham WordPress tuition

WordPress is the most popular and successful website, blog and Content Management System (CMS) available today. It powers over 27% of the world’s web sites and that figure is growing daily.

The main reason for this popularity is the ease of use from the point of view of the user. The administration of a WordPress site is made easy by careful attention to logic and simplicity. Things are where you expect them to be, even without tuition and anyone with a basic knowledge of the internet and programs such as Microsoft Office will feel at home immediately.

There are many books and videos available to teach how WordPress works and how to manage its various functions. but the fastest way to learn WordPress is to be shown how and to work hands on from the start.

One to one tuition will take you through all the procedures a step at a time, explaining the functions and the methods to alter elements in your site.

There is nothing difficult about WordPress but it is crucial to manage your site properly and to carry out regular housekeeping tasks. Updates need to be attended to, plugins updated and backups made, especially after work has been done.
Following logical steps all of this can be covered in just a few hours.

To learn WordPress quickly, easily and enjoyably one-to-one

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