WordPress custom design in Birmingham

WordPress Birmingham

Artworks Unlimited will design a unique WordPress theme for you.

WordPress allows you to edit your own text content, from any computer, anywhere, any time. You are not reliant on your designer for simple changes.
If you can edit a Word document you can easily edit your website text.

All WordPress designs by artworks unlimited are Responsive
That means your site will alter its layout according to the device being used by your visitor; anything from a wide format monitor to an iphone.

NO MORE zooming in to read content.
NO MORE fumbling with tiny menus.
Responsive design is NOW and for the FUTURE

WordPress is constantly updated to stay ahead of technology developments and to combat the ever growing threat of hacking and malware.

NO MORE being left behind with obsolete software.
NO MORE losing visitors who cannot see your content.
NO MORE being stuck with tired, outdated content and layout.

WordPress is infinitely flexible and makes changing your site very simple. You can edit, delete or add new pages within minutes.

Who else is using WordPress?

Google Ventures – Facebook Newsroom – Sony Music – Justin Bieber – Canadian Olympic Committee – Harvard Business Review Blog Network – The New York Times – Marks & Spencer – Georgia State University – Enterprise Magazine – Bill Cosby – The NHS Leadership Academy – The Million Pound Drop – Van Heusen – Variety – Snoop Dogg – US Air Force General Chuck Yeager – BBC America – Usain Bolt – Getty Images – a-ha – Riverdance – William Shatner – Flickr – LinkedIn – Justin Timberlake – The Rolling Stones – Blondie – Mötley Crüe – – Sylvester Stallone – The Who: Quadrophenia – LA Times – Team Lotus – UK Government Cabinet Office – They Might Be Giants – Travelogic – Reader’s Digest – Russell Brand – Her Royal Majesty – The New York Observer – Courvoisier – Nokia Conversations – Tom Jones – Katy Perry Beauty – Sylvester Stallone – The Official Star Wars Blog – Kate Rusby – CBS New York – The Times – Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – BBC Top Gear – Flickr – Le Monde Newspaper – The New Adventures of Mr. Stephen Fry – Reuters – MTV – Apple 2.0 – Larry King – The Wall Street Journal – The Mozilla Blog – StyleWatch Off the Rack – SlideShare – PlayStation

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