Artworks Unlimited in Birmingham will design a unique Website for you.

Using the latest standards of HTML5 and CSS3 your website will display perfectly on all devices and across all modern browsers.

All our designs are Responsive : that means your site will alter its layout according to the device being used by your visitor; anything from a wide format monitor to an iphone.

NO MORE zooming in to read content.
NO MORE struggling with tiny menus.
Responsive design is NOW and for the FUTURE

Web design standards are evolving constantly, improving performance and visitor experience so it is vital that we all stay abreast to ensure the maximum number of visitors can read your content quickly and easily.

Your website can be anything you like (as long as it is legal, decent and honest!) from a single landing page to a fully fledged online store.
We will tackle any job small or large with the same level of dedication and skill.

If you prefer to manage your website content yourself see our WordPress CMS section.

How much will my site cost?

This is everybody’s top question. Of course it is, we all need to know what the final bill will be before we commit to buying anything.

Ongoing Costs

A website is an ongoing resource and there are ongoing costs involved. The most basic requirements will be a domain name and web hosting but beyond that there are other options you may need, especially if you are running a business website. The form here shows those costs.

Build Cost

Now here’s where it gets more complicated because every website is different. The cost of a website build depends on how long it will take and how much you can contribute to the task. Look at a website build as you would a new bathroom. Do you want economy? classy? gadgets and gizmos? exotic materials and so on.

You can see that the price could range from a few hundreds to many thousands. Until we know exactly what you want we can’t give you a fair or realistic quote, only a vague guide price.

Speed and clarity make a site build more efficient and therefore lower cost.
Indecision and too frequent revisions add on time and increase the cost!
To achieve your deadline, budget and quality try to provide all or most of these elements as soon as you can:

  • Your main menu page names
  • Sub menu page names
  • All page copy
  • All Contact details
  • Business No, VAT No.
  • Registered business address
  • Contact form inputs
  • High quality and resolution, large images
  • Guidance for preferred style, colours, layout
  • Any existing marketing materials
  • Any logos
  • Trade, academic associations
  • Qualifications
  • Notable clients
  • Social media links
  • Video and audio
  • List any special features required
  • Will you add content yourself?
  • Testimonials
  • FAQs
  • Do you need an online store?
  • Payment gateways
  • Secure https:// SSL?
  • Domain admin username and password.


Look at what we do – speak to our clients – shop around to compare and then

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