Photographs are fragile
They fade. rip. crease and deteriorate over time so don’t lose them forever. Digital technology and a skilled hand can now restore even the most badly damaged image.Save your memories to enjoy now and in the future. No need to keep them in a box hidden away . . . bring them out, frame them, let them be seen again in pristine condition.

What is the cost of photo restoration?
This depends on the work and time involved but it’s more affordable than you think. These treasures deserve to be saved. Once we can see what work is involved we will give you an accurate quote.

How is it done?
Your original photo will be scanned at high resolution and you can take it away with you for safe keeping. We do NOT advise sending treasured photos by post but choose a reputable courier service instead. Better still, if you are able to scan your photo yourself , you can then email it to us at artworks unlimited.
Once scanned we will get to work on restoring the colours and any missing parts of your photo. We will repair scratches and remove stains, sharpen blurred details and reprint the image.

Above are just a few examples of actual restorations we have undertaken.

Recent Photo Restoration work

We can restore most photographs to their former beauty and preserve those memories before it’s too late

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